Privacy Policy

Last update: March 2023

This page presents in detail how your personal data of User of the Internet site (the Site ) are collected and treated by HYP ( Us , as the Controller of the treatment) and our sub-contractors.

Protecting your data is important to us. We respect your privacy and want to provide you with a clear and transparent understanding of the data we collect.

You have rights of access, rectification, opposition, portability, limitation and deletion of your personal data.

To exercise these rights, please write to the address of the Controller :

Universität Leipzig - HYP23
Herrn Prof. Jörg Matysik
Institut für Analytische Chemie
Linnéstr. 3
04103 Leipzig

Or contact the Manager by email at:


The Site does not process any particularly sensitive data.

To provide the best security possible, the Site always processes your personal data by transmitting them encrypted. Encryption is ensured by the use of the technology called " Let's Encrypt ".

The data collected by the Site is accessible to the Controller and to the following subcontractors (data processors) :

  • o2switch : company providing the web hosting services of the Site,
    (o2switch Chemin des Pardiaux, 63000 Clermont-Ferrand, France - Siret : 510 909 807 00032 RCS Clermont Ferrand)
  • Actucom : provider responsible for the creation and the maintenance of the Site.
    ( Actucom , Graphic Design and Webdesign, 11 B Avenue Marie Vian, 13012 Marseille, France)

No other subcontractor has access to the server or interfaces that may display the personal data collected by the Site.

Treatments that do not require your consent

Tracers ( Cookies )

The Site uses Cookies for technical reasons only. They allow the provision of the service that is expressly requested by the User, that is to say : the secured browsing of a website including a protected area that is accessible only to authenticated users.

The session cookie that is necessary for the functioning of the system is destroyed when the session expires, or when the user exits his browser.

The Cookies named 240planBak and 240plan are created by the hosting service (OVH). They have a duration of 15 minutes. They are used as part of the HTTP services technique called "load balancing" for which no specific consent is required.

Apart from these cookies, the site does not store nor transmit any cookie that may contain your personal data.

Treatments that require your consent

The consent of the User is collected before or during the collection of the data that are used by these treatments.

Information collected during customer account creation

The name and email address of the User are collected during the creation of his account, as well as his preferences regarding subscriptions to newsletters that are sent by the Controller.
Thanks to the collection of these data, the User who wishes to subscribe to these newsletters can receive information about a satisfaction survey and about the next edition of the conference.
These data are kept for a maximum duration of three years after their collection from the User.

As soon as he logs into his account, the Registered User can access a page gathering all the Personal Data settings. From there, can easily change his consent to subscribe to the various newsletters.

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